Fujian is a province in South East China. Fujian has a higher proportion of Muslims than most areas of Southern China due to the history of trade via the Maritime Silk Road, and quite a few Christians since it was a focus of 19th century missionary activity.

There is a saying that Fujian is 80% mountain, 10% water, and 10% farmland.

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Fuzhou is an old port city, Marco Polo visited it. Today, Fuzhou is the provincial capital and administrative center, and also a major center for light industry. Fuzhou is right across the straits from Taipei, and there is fairly heavy Taiwan investment.

Longyan is a small city in rural Fujian. Most visitors end up here passing through to see the Hakka earth houses in Yongding County. These houses are on to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Tourist infrastructure is minimal, and there are no large tour buses.

Xiamen is a coastal city in Fujian Province in China. It became one of China's earliest Special Economic Zones in the 1980s. It was recently named China's 2nd 'most suitable city for living. Most tourists come to Xiamen to visit Gulangyu Island, a small island which contains some beautiful colonial buildings and is car free.