Hubei is a Central Chinese province. It is the home of many battles from the Three Kingdoms "San Guo" period of Chinese history, many cities still retain parts of the history of this time.

The world famous Three Gorges Dam "San Xia Da Ba" project, which is the world's largest hydro-electric dam, is sit in Hubei Province.

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Wuhan is an amalgamation of three smaller cities, Hankou, Hanyang and Wuchang, each separated from the other by a river. Hankou is the business center and it sits to the northwest with the Yangtze River separating it from Wuchang and the Han River separating it from Hanyang. Wuchang is the education center hosting a bewildering variety of universities, institutes and colleges. It is separated from both Hankou and Hanyang by the Yangtze River. Hanyang is the industrial center, separated from Hankou by the Han River and from Wuchang by the Yangtze River.

Jingzhou is a city in Hubei Province on the banks of the Yangtze River. It has been an important historical city for 6,000 years, and is particularly famous for being the capital for the State of Chu during the Waring States Period, and for its importance during the Three Kingdoms period.