Jiayuguan is a city in Gansu Province. Known as the 'mouth of China' because of its position at the end of the Great Wall of China where it guarded the western boundary of Ming Dynasty China. The narrow river passage heading southeast from here is known as the Hexi Corridor and is nicknamed the 'throat of China'.

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Jiayu Pass. 1st part - It's not possible to take a ticket just for this part, you have to pay the whole pass (¥120). Take bus no.4 to last stop, north of the town. Western terminus of the Ming Great Wall of China, trapezoid-shaped fortress overlooking the Gobi Desert.

Overhanging Wall. 2nd part - Xuanbi Wall. About 7km far from Jiayu Pass, you can walk from the Pass to the East (1hour) or take taxi (costs ¥50 for round trip from town). The views from the top are great, and ignoring the town, it gives a feeling of how remote a place this once was. There are two parts to the Overhanging Wall. The first has a fort and two towers. The second has two towers, no fort, but the climb is higher. They are 100m apart.