Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia is a Mongol Autonomous Region in northern China, where as Outer Mongolia is a separate country to the north of China. The region covers most of the northern edge of china, curving in a banana shape. To the north is the Republic of Mongolia and the north east tip of Inner Mongolia borders with Russia.

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Hohhot is the capital of Inner Mongolia, and part of a metropolitan area with a population of around 2.5 million. As a new capital, the city lacks an abundance of historical and tourist sites. However, it is still definitely worth visiting if in the area. The city is at its greenest and most pleasant in Spring and early Summer.

The largest city in Inner Mongolia, Baotou used to be an arid region inhabited by Mongolian herders and their sheep. The town that has since grown up has four main parts:

  • Donghe - the old part of town and lies to the east
  • Qingshan - part of the new city with a small and depressing walking street
  • Kunqu (Kandulun) - major part of the new city and is the main shopping and entertainment area with all the western restaurants near Baobaidalou (a large walking street and shopping area)
  • Jiuyuan