Yushu is in the traditional Kham Area. It is a multi-ethnic town. The inhabitants are mostly Tibetan while most merchants are Han Chinese. The area has a population of over 250,000. Although it is outside the Tibet Autonomous Region, it is clearly Tibetan, albeit increasingly flooded with Chinese incomers.

In the morning of 14 April 2010, the town was struck by 7.1 magnitude Earthquake. Around 2,000 people died.


One of the most famous temples in Kham is the Princess Wencheng Temple found 20km south of Jyekundo. Princess Wencheng, from mainland China, married the famous Tibetan king Songsten Gampo over 1350 years ago.

The easiest way to get to the Princess Wencheng Temple is to hire a van taxi from Jyekundo. It is only 20kms and the road is quite good. From the temple, it is less than 2kms to the interesection of the highway leading back to Jyekundo. There are a few monks who live in the area including some hermits who live in caves above the temple.