Zunyi is a city in northern Guizhou province, China. It is famous as a Communist Party history site as it was here that Mao Zedong became a full member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party.

Jin Ding Shan, Loushan Pass Battlefield, Hai Long Tun Fortress are must see attractions.

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About 20 minutes northwest of Zunyi, Jindingshan is a pleasant pilgrimage site for Zunyi residents. One can visit the mountain and return the same day although the majority of visitor spend the night in the village below the summit. Pilgrims rise early to try and catch the sunrise from the summit. In the summer the village hosts local entrepreneurs selling various street fare. The scenery on the mountain is lovely and the temples themselves are interesting if a bit run-down. In recent year donations from the faithful have restored some of the temples.

Loushan Pass was the site of the first major victory of the Red Army over the pursuing KMT forces during the Chishui River campaign. The site high in the Da Lou Shan mountain range can be visited as a day trip or overnight visit from Zunyi. Mao Zedong immortalized the battle in a poem by the same name which has been learned by generations of young Chinese.