Wuyuan is a city in Jiangxi Province. It is the central transportation hub to the many beautiful villages in the region.

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Sixi Yancun, a strange claustrophobic duet of villages with tall gray walls and narrow maze-like streets and tumble-down buildings. With the tourist entrance set further away from the town, these villages manage to preserve their living identities better, and, especially towards the end of the day, it really does seem that time stopped in these villages many years ago. There is also an ancient bridge in Sixi that although not as old as Qinghua, is far more pleasant and really renders a visit to Qinghua where the bridge is pretty much its only redeeming feature, a bit pointless. It is possible to take the bus between Wuyuan and Qinghua and get off in the middle, at the turnoff, the area near the turnoff is extremely beautiful, crossing the bridge to the small hamlet is worthwhile. From the turnoff, it is still a ten minute motorcycle ride past a beautiful village and on to Sixi Yangcun.

Small Likeng, an impressive old village with narrow pathways built around several creeks that intersect. One of the best places to stay in the area. There are Buddhist temples, active farms, traditional homes, and teahouses. There can be many guided tour groups, so it is best visited on weekdays or off-season. A new edition seems to be a long gauntlet of tourist stalls that you have to walk through from the entrance, to the village itself. Having no hair doesn't seem to be a disincentive for the sellers to try and sell you the ubiquitous sandalwood combs! That aside once in the village, it earns its reputation as one of the nicest villages in Wuyuan. There are also a couple of decent places to eat with some great views down the little river.