Kangding is the largest city of Ganzi Tibetan Prefecture. It is mainly ethnically Han Chinese with a notable Tibetan presence and flair, particular in its shops, restaurants and the lama local temple. For centuries it has been the meeting place of many cultures and therefore is home to memorial to the Tea Horse Road. It serves as kind of last outpost before the wild Tibetan mountains and passes of the Chengdu-Lhasa highway and the historical Tibetan region of Khamba. The views of the neighboring alpine peaks down the river are spectacular. Outdoor activity opportunities abound with particular focus on hiking and growing influx of bikers in the summer. There also is an authentic "hot springs" nearby and a cable car in the city that takes you up the mountainside.

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Paoma Mountain is located by "Princess Bridge" on the outskirts of Kangding. The main scenic spots of the Paoma Mountain Park mainly include the Wuse Lake, Yongxue Tower, Jixiang Buddha Hall, Lingyun White Tower, Paoma Ground, Yufu Pool, Feiyun Corridor, Dongguan Pavilion and Kwan-yin Pavilion.

Mugecuo is the name of both a newly established national park, as well as the largest of five lakes within the park. The entrance lies 21 km from Kangding, and is especially worthwhile to visit during the autumn months.

Qisehai (seven colour lake), Mugecuo lake, a number of smaller lakes in the vicinity. Colourful rock carvings, hillsides covered in flags, stone houses and prayer flags with a backdrop of snow mountains (perfect for photogrpahs, along the horse trail).