The name Zhengzhou comes from a city in the Sui Dyansty, but its actual location was in modern day Chenggao. Strategically located in the center of the country, Zhengzhou is now a major transportation hub and rapidly growing city. To travelers, Zhengzhou is a convenient start point to explore a series of Chinese cultural sites, like Kaifeng, Luoyang and Shaolin temple.

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Shaolin Temple, also known as Shaolin Monastery, this important Buddhist Temple is the birthplace of the famous Shaolin Kung Fu martial art and of the Zen school. With the ticket you can also go to the Pagoda Forest and reach the summit of the mountain.

Zhengzhou CBD mainly focuses on the functions of finance, office, business and residence, with the planned area of about 6 square kilometers of artificial lake (Longhu Lake) in the northwest surrounded by a low-rise residential district; the secondary CBD center, situated on the byland extending to Longhu Lake, is designed for tourism and residence; with high-rise residential district on its both sides, an urban commercial and cultural center axis line connects the CBD and secondary CBD center; logistics areas are mainly concentrated in the V-shaped industrial belt; in addition, the massive planned ecological green land circles the river, lake, expressway, ring-way and main road. 

ZhengDong CBD also holds China's largest wetland filtration system for water.