Yunnan province, located in the far southwest of China. Yunnan is situated in a mountainous area, with high elevations in the northwest and low elevations in the southeast.

Yunnan is rich in natural resources and has the largest diversity of plant life in China. Yunnan has over 600 rivers and lakes, which provide an annual water supply of 222 billion cubic meters. Ethnic minorities in Yunnan account for about 34 percent of its total population. Major ethnic groups include Yi, Bai, Hani, Zhuang, Dai and Miao.

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Kunming is the capital and largest city of Yunnan Province in Southwestern China. Located in the middle of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Kunming has an estimated population of 5,740,000 including 3,055,000 in the urban area and is located at the northern edge of the large Lake Dian, surrounded by temples and lake-and-limestone hill landscapes.

Kunming consists of an old, previously walled city, a modern commercial district, residential and university areas. On the outskirts is a famed bronze temple, dating from the Ming dynasty.

Dali is a city in Yunnan Province in China famous for its old town and handicrafts. It consists of Dali New City  and Dali Old Town. Travellers visit Dali Old Town for its traditional architecture, minority cultures (mostly Bai but also with many Yi and Hui) and simply to relax. There is actually much to do and see in Dali City well outside the Old Town.

With the beautiful Cangshan Mountains a short distance to the west of Dali Old Town (4,200 metres at the peak) and Erhai Lake a few km to the east, it has a perfect natural setting. The climate is temperate with moderate summers and mild winters, though it can get rather windy in autumn and winter.