Rikaze / Shigatse

Shigatse or Rikaze, Shikatse, Zhigatsey, is the second largest city in Tibet Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China, with a population of 80,000, about 250 km (160 mi) southwest of Lhasa and 90 km (56 mi) northwest of Gyantse. The city is located at an altitude of 3,840 metres (12,600 ft) at the confluence of the Yarlung Zangbo (aka Brahmaputra) river and the Nyang River (Nyanchue) in west Tibet and was the ancient capital of Ü-Tsang province.


Tashilhunpo Monastery is a historic and culturally important monastery next to Shigatse, the second-largest city in Tibet.

The monastery is the traditional seat of successive Panchen Lamas, the second highest ranking tulku lineage in the Gelukpa tradition.

Located on a hill in the center of the city, the full name in Tibetan of the monastery means: "all fortune and happiness gathered here" or "heap of glory".