Harbin is China's northernmost major city. Historically, the city has been influenced a lot by neighboring Russia, you can tell from the building styles (Russian Buildings, Zhongyang Dajie/The Central Avenue, Stalin Park, St. Sophia Cathedral) and foods in Harbin.

If you want to visit Chinese style attractions, then Temple of Heavenly Bliss and Confucius Temple are right for you, while Harbin Jewish New Synagogue, Zhaolin Park, Dragon TV Tower, Sun Island are worthy to visit.

Harbin is also famous for its international festivals,  such as Harbin International Snow and Ice Festivals, Harbin International Beer Festival and Harbin Summer Music Festival.

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Zhongyang Dajie,Central Avenue, is a pedestrian only street that could serve as a perfect remnant of the bustling international business activities at the turn of the 20th century. The 1.4-km long street is a veritable museum of European architectural styles, including Baroque and Byzantine facades, Jewish architectural wonders, a Russian resteraunt, French fashion houses, American snack food outlets, and a Japanese restaurant. In winter, one can walk out onto the ice or take a dog sledge or horse sledge ride. It is the prettiest site in Harbin as far as the city itself is concerned, however, if you go mid-day during the weekend be prepared to push through the crowds.

Zhaolin Park, Youyi Lu and Shangzhi Jie. During the winter this park houses ice sculptures for the festivals, but during the off season, it is a pleasant stroll as well.

Jile Temple honored as one of four well-known temples in Northeast China. It covers an area of 57, 000 square meters.