Haikou is a fairly large tropical coastal city. Haikou has a different vibe to many cities on the Chinese mainland. The tropical climate is probably a major influence on the laid-back atmosphere.

As one of China popular travel destinations, Haikou has historical sites and beaches to visit, such as Xiuying Battery, Wugong Temple, Haikou Shishan Crater Cluster National Geological Park,  Dongjiao Coconut Plantation, Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area, Holiday Beach, Xixiu Beach and Old Street.

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Dongjiao Coconut Forest is a famous place to enjoy seafood on the east coast of Hainan Island, made even more special by the characteristic coconut trees that fill the area. Dongjiao Township is on Qinglan Harbor near Wenchang City.

The local people say, “Wenchang produces half of the coconuts in Hainan while Dongjiao produces half of the coconuts in Wenchang.” Over 500,000 coconut trees of many different varieties grow in Dongjiao. With its thick and flourishing trees, beautiful scenery and clean water, it is a natural swimming spot, suitable for different kinds of a beach sports and maritime activities. Among other attractions and facilities are the Coconut Park, a tourist quay, and a couple of seaside holiday resorts and seafood restaurants. The shallow water along the coast produces precious aquatic products including lobsters, prawns, rockfishes and abalones. The charm of Dongjiao Coconut Plantation lies in its tropical coconut culture.

Xixiu Beach Park is 6 kilometers from the center of Haikou city. The coastline is almost 1,200 meters long. View of Qiongzhou channel and ships shuttle in the sea could be viewed here from far. It has the international windsurfing training and is also the competition base and international yacht club. The public seashore natatorium and the aquatic sports center performance hall (playing water paradise) invites European and American professionals to perform water ballet and diving every year. It has seafood for dining, leisure vacation guesthouse, etc. It also has musical fountain square, ecology square, parking lot, skating rink, cactus garden, child activity center and so on.