Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. Urumqi is quite famous for its claim that it is the most inland major city in the world, that being the furthest from any ocean.

There are two major ethnic groups, the Uyghur and Han. Other ethnic groups in Urumqi include Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Mongols and Hui Muslims.

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The Big Bazaar, a traditional Islamic market area and the main Uyghur enclave in downtown – definitely worth a visit in the evenings for some food and people watching. In the summer time, the Da Bazar at night is a rather lively place, if you come just as it is getting dark you can see tight rope walkers walking from one side of two the next with the tall minaret in the background.

Hongshan - Red Mountain. This pleasant park has, among other things, a Ferris wheel, a Buddhist temple and great views over the city. The park itself has a free entrance but you have to pay for some of the attractions.

This is a photo collection of modern Urumqi city view.

Sprawling on the edge of Mount Bogda and 100 km east of Urumqi, Tianchi Lake and the surrounding Tianshan Mountains must define the word "beauty" in the Uygur language since there is no more beautiful place within the autonomous region. Tianchi runs 4.9 square km in area and 90 meters deep; a natural lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks and sky-scraping dragon spruce fed by thawing snow runoffs.