Yinchuan is a rising northwest Chinese industrial city and the capital of Ningxia Autonomous Region. Being one of a very few parts of China where an ethnic minority (Hui people) hold the power of governance, it is a treasure of Chinese-Muslim culture.

Yinchuan historically served as a trade route town made large for its convenient location between Western Chinese cities such as Urumqi and the Eastern ones such as Beijing and Harbin.

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Zhenbeibao Western Movie City is an old-town-look movie-making set built in the desolate open field 30 km northwest of Yinchuan. Shot over here are some scenes from well-known movies such as Red Sorghum by the director Zhang Yimou. At the site there used to be two fortresses built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties that formed part of the frontier defense in the region.